giovedì 1 novembre 2018

Andres Segovia Style Vibrato and Glissando

Seeing and listening to Andres Segovia in concert
 was a wonderful experience for me.

as usual nothing is comparable to listening to the recordings
 of Segovia and its videos from concerts

 I have been studying Segovia's technique for years 

and this has helped me to develop my way of playing classical guitar.

Andres Segovia eight style essential elements :

1 ) A horizontal aproach to fingering

the name is appropriate because what result is a tendency toward movement
up and down to use higher position

2)  Segovia Vibrato

tonal oscillation above and below a mean pitch that imparts vitality

3) Segovia  Rubato 

this term is ( as always in music ) an italian words and in music is 
when some notes robbing time from the rhythmic pulse .

there are two ways to play Rubato :

as you can read at my free guitar website at the page "Segovia Style" :

4 )  Segovia Glissando ( slide from one note to another )

but while " Portamento " make no sound 

with Glissando you make hear every single notes 

5) Slurs 

 Segovia use slurs ( in italian " Legato " ) 

use hammer on and pull off but also 
as " legato di suono " 

 ( sorry there are many italians words
in classical music , not only Allegro and Andante , because
Italian Language was consider the best around 1600 and 1700
seventeenth century )

6 ) a full round sound with plenty of variety

the famous Segovia sound 
with the use of fingernails
the use of rest stroke and free stroke 

7 ) fantastic Segovia rolled chords 

as you can read at my website :

Right hand technique by Daniele Magli

8 ) individual interpretations

Now I want to share with you the best videos
 I found on YouTube - some are taken from my page on YouTube:

Daniele Magli YouTube page

This is a wonderful opportunity to see 
the fantastic technique of Segovia on the classical guitar 
that he played as the greatest master in history.

I hope you enjoy

                                           Segovia plays live Spanish Dances N.5 ( 1959 )


                                        Andres Segovia ( video 1961 Live Concert fantastic )

Andres Segovia 1986  ( Live one of the last concert)


Andres Segovia concert in Locarno 1968 ( great audio live )


Andres Segovia plays Bach live 1965

Andres Segovia Live at White House 1979


Andres Segovia plays live for Italian Television 1961

 Segovia Live with Orchestra plays Castelnuovo Tedesco


                                       More Segovia videos and Documentary
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