lunedì 30 aprile 2018

Thanks for playing Daniele Magli music

Thanks for playing Daniele Magli music !

thanks for playing my music ...

I find on YouTube videos from all the world

about very good bravo guitarists playing my music for classical guitar .

Sometimes they make beautiful interpretations

sometimes they make films, and there is always a lot to learn, but above all it is a great satisfaction for me: 

Please continue to play my music on youtube

in this page of my guitar site you can find my compositions
sheet music PDF scores
and free guitar TABS about my music from this Blog :

here my video guitar tutorial How to play Daniele Magli music :

here some of the best videos I've found in these years 

                                                    Child of the Sun


                                Child of the Sun


Maybe ( composed by Daniele Magli )

Soul Wind

Cloud Heart Shape



September Sun ( tremolo ) by Daniele Magli


Anonymous ( composed by Daniele Magli )




Paola Talamini plays Daniele Magli 
music with 1783 Organo in Venice


there are many videos about my compositions on YouTube

please search your favorites , thank you 

domenica 22 aprile 2018

How to stop smoking with the guitar

how can music helps you stop smoking?

How can the classical guitar helps you to stop smoking?

two years ago I decided to quit smoking,

and today I feel really better.

I remember when I was a slave of  cigarettes and

 Italian cigars with great disbelief.

Now I want to tell you about my method of quitting smoking,

and my way in those difficult days because I hope this can help you.

A few years ago on a trip to Mexico I met an old guitarist.
Seeing that I smoked the cigar playing the guitar he told me
that it was easy to stop if I wanted it because the guitar and
the music give happiness in the same way as cigarettes and nicotine.

He told me that the secret was as easy as the notes Mi Sol La Si.

When I returned to my old house in Europe

I immediately composed a piece with these magic notes Mi sol la si, E G A B
I called this piece Twilight :

I understood that
Twilight is a magical music piece and helps you find the right path.
So when I listen or I play Twilight,
I immediately feel a great desire to quit smoking.

I know that there are many natural ways to stop smoking but
the music for me is the best because
the brain releases DOPAMINE
with nicotine when you smoke but more dopamina with music.

So, whatever your age, sign up for a guitar course or contact me at this email

The first week that you stop taking nicotine is very difficult
but the hardest is the second week

before your new life becomes a paradise of happiness.
the second week is hell.

You must be very strong and very motivated to stop taking nicotine,
because nicotine is an evil dragon, an invisible monster,
and you must believe in
the magic of the guitar and
the notes E G A B (the theme of my song Twilight)

Twilight free guitar TABS on this Blog :

When you finish the second week you feel much better
and you understand that you can win your battle against smoking and nicotine!

You can play Twilight very easy version if you want :



Guitar and Twilight makes you stronger than ever ! 

believe in magic ! Twilight are the notes of love for life
that lead you to stop smoking and it's all easier!

Around the second month
you are NON SMOKER at 70%

believe in magic ! now start a long period around 

three months before you are Not Smoker 90 per cent.

Three months not hell but not so easy, because nicotine leaves
your body and soul very slowly

in this period the smoker who is still in you. now reduced to
a poor bumble devil and without power,
he will try to tempt you in every way,
especially when you are weak or you have drank 
some alcohol or a beer.

use your intelligence if you have drunk a beer,
do not be persuaded by a false friend to smoke a cigarette.
He is not your friend if he wants you to resume smoking.
only one cigarette can ruin everything

do not let your guard down!
you are much stronger than that poor stupid devil

after the fifth month you are the winner!

You want a million dollars to smoke a cigarette

I want a milion dollar to smoke a real cigarettes nor but
I want three milions dollar to smoke the
ridiculous electronic cigarettes that make men look like clowns
with a ridiculous white cloud above their heads.

You are free now, you are a not smoker
go to the mountains or to the city is the same
you will feel to be in paradise!

You realize that you are much more relaxed and
you can finally breathe the air and it's free!

You will think: if they had told me that without smoke
I was so well
I would have stopped smoking immediately!

And it's all true,
you're much happier,
and now you're also about to become a guitarist !!!

Thank you

Twilight for Orchestra : with the magic notes to quit smoking