lunedì 21 novembre 2022

Easy Guitar - Guitar for beginners


Hello everybody,

this post is dedicated to those who are beginners on the guitar

and starting from level zero !

On my first day on the guitar I too was at zero level but you will be surprised to see how much progress you can make by playing just 20 minutes a day for a week!

The first thing to do is learn the open strings

e_____________________________________ (1) first string...
b_____________________________________ (2)
g_____________________________________ (3)
d_____________________________________ (4)
e______________________________________ (6)  E ...bass of course

In Italy Mi, Si , Sol , Re , La , Mi

The scale name in Italy is DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI DO...

the second thing is where the notes are on the fretboard.

It's easy to learn where the notes are on the fretboard if you think that E and F don't have a sharp note dividing them and B and C don't have a sharp note dividing them, but all other notes have a sharp in between dividing them.
for example after the D there is the D sharp and after it there is the E
and this for all notes except E and F and B and C. Between F and G for example you will have to skip a fret... that's F sharp !
train yourself to find the notes along the fretboard this will greatly facilitate your evolution as a guitarist musician:
What note is on the fourth fret of the third string?
Another thing to do right away to train your fingers is to learn the chromatic scale.
Follow my videos to learn this , it is very important

Daniele Magli Arpeggio technique

Daniele Magli Guitar Method

Thank you all, it will be continued in the next episode

sabato 12 novembre 2022

Dance Of The Blessed Spirits by Gluck - Free Guitar TABS


here is the free guitar Tabs of Dance Of The Blessed Spirits by Christoph Willibald Gluck

here trascribed for guitar in the style of Francisco Tarrega and Segovia as well.

This piece from the opera Orfeo et Euridice

is also known as 

Ballet des Champs - Elysées 

from Orfeo ed Euridice .

Under the guitar Tabs listen to my interpretation from my YouTube Page

I suggest you to learn it by heart