domenica 5 marzo 2023

Mauro Giuliani - Le Papillon - PDF scores and TABS

                                                    Mauro Giuliani - Le Papillon 

                                                           Free  PDF scores and TABS

                                              as played by Daniele Magli

Fingering by Daniele Magli

As I play Mauro Giuliani on YouTube

Here is the free PDF and Guitar Tabs about my interpretation

of Mauro Giuliani Op.50 Le Papillon 

as I play them in the video 

Link from Google Drive about my Mauro Giuliani versions

Giuliani Le Papillon N 31

Giuliani Mauro - Papillon N. 15

Mauro Giuliani Le papillon N 13

My Video Interpretations

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In this video more by Giuliani from Papillon Op 50 , No. 12 , 3, 1 

( and my composition Beautiful Rome )