lunedì 7 marzo 2022

Rock with the classical guitar technique

 Hello to all guitarist friends,

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Today I present to you four of my compositions that I have recently shared in this video:

This is Parallel Universe, a composition of mine with
the low E sixth string tuned in D. Parallel Universe is a piece that rhythmically recalls rock music
even if it is played with classical guitar.
My influences are however linked to progressive Rock and
Jaco Pastorius' Weather Report ! at these links you will find PDF scores and Tabs :

If you want to play Parallel Universe you have to play
at least at a level after Sor's studies of the fifth year
because it presents rhythmic difficulties and knowledge
of the guitar fretboard.

(this piece is more difficult than Leo Brower's Simple Studies)

The second piece of the video is Sunshine.

Sunshine is a piece that I love very much,
influenced by pentatonic scales and bichord ligatures that
I composed when I was fifteen
(although I completed the piece in 2009!)

                               I made also this video How To Play Sunshine

The third piece is Eclipse
(although it is not the sequel
to my Twilight composition :))

This is a very Rocky arpeggio that mixes Renaissance music and is also very useful for learning Hammer on and pull off Legature slurs

Eclipse is the easiest piece of this video !

Summer Love

This is the hardest piece of the four ... presents every type of technical and rhythmic difficulty
to have this intention of Rock grit with a sea and summer flavor.

Arpeggio , rasgueado and chords not so easy !

play it slowly with metronome the variations

And now a video with How to play my music tips :

Daniele Magli : How to play my music

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Thank you if you play my music !

All music copyrighted by Daniele Magli year 2009
but please feel free to post your interpretations video or audio
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