lunedì 8 gennaio 2024

Mystery Pieces for Classical Guitar ( Free PDF score )

 Hello to all guitarist friends!

On this page you will find some videos and links to
PDF scores or free tabs of my collection
of pieces "Mystery Pieces"

My Mystery Pieces are compositions that
I have been inspired by mystery stories or urban legends
and more that have sparked my imagination even
if they are often inventions like a science fiction film
(but science fiction films have inspired me other pieces
for my collection of 16 Sci-Fi Studies for Classical Guitar)


                                                   Cart Ruts by Daniele Magli

                                     Pyramid Mystery by Daniele Magli        

Stonehenge Memories ( Duo Guitar )

Giants of Sardinia by Daniele Magli

All this pieces are copyrighted by Daniele Magli.
Please feel free to post your interpretation on YouTube or a Guitar Forum.
Thank you if you play my music .