martedì 28 febbraio 2023

Contact for GUITAR or Flute and Guitar



here is the free PDF scores arrangement of my composition Contact ,

 for Piano solo or for Piano and Flute ( in E )

For GUITAR solo ( in C ) ( PDF score with guitar TABS

 for Guitar and Flute ( in D )

(which you can also play for guitar duo or with other instruments.)

 I changed the tonality musical keys depending on the versions 

that are much easier than the Contact piano version.

here is the Free PDf score about my composition Contact 

or GUITAR TABS and PDF scores sheet music

Contact for guitar

Contact - Guitar Tabs and PDF score

Contact for Flute and Guitar - Google Drive PDF

Contact - Flute and Guitar - PDF

Contact Piano Version in E

Contact PDF score PIANOFORTE

Contact Video ( piano version )

Contact , music composed by Daniele Magli , Copyright year 2009 

Please post your interpretation on YouTube

Thank you if you play my music !