This year 2022 I am devoting myself a lot to composition (not only for guitar but also for Chorus, Piano, Violin etc.) Especially I am dedicating myself to the "Legendary Suite" a suite for guitar and flute and I have already composed, Giga d'Amour, Air with no name and other pieces that I will publish. The free PDF scores can be found in the video descriptions, below the video. The pieces are obviously protected by copyright but I thank you if you share your interpretation on Youtube or on a guitar forum. I am also dedicating myself to free pieces for guitar and flute that are more like songs and sometimes they are songs I composed many years ago as "La Sera" in the evening ( copyright year 1996 ! )
This year I have also composed some pieces for the Church of the Madonna della Salute in Venice (pieces that are always played by the Brava organist Maestra Paola Talamini.)
I have collected all these piecesof mine in a playlist on my YouTube page:
I particularly recommend guitarists to play the solo guitar version of air with no name
Air with no name is becoming one of the compositions most played by guitarists like Mulholland Drive and my other compositions like Anonymous and Maybe or like the September Sun tremolo

also you can play Redemption dance for solo guitar
an arpeggio with rest stroke apoyando !

How to play Redemption Dance

How to play Invisible Lanterns arpeggio

Thank you very much, continue to follow me and also subscribe to my YouTube page
Spring at the Lake video :

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