venerdì 24 maggio 2013

I am partially blind ( classical guitar technique )

Hello my dear friends !

As well as the stones knows , yes, I am partially blind.

I was not lucky when I was ten years old.
simply this: bad luck.

So now I'm a real Pirates des Caraibes   : )

Now, what has this to do with the classical guitar technique ?
Nothing. I assure you nothing.

So please do not continue to write me emails asking how my partial blindness
 may have helped the development of my incredible musical memory.

Musical memory is developed by constant study.
You memorize and learn by heart a musical beat, then two, then one page, then three pages ...
Rome was not built in a day!
Music talent is important and I thank God every day of the great talent that He has given to me.
But talent dies without the practice.
Be patient but strict with yourself.

Sacrifice, yes, this is important...

Do not give to live the wonderful experience of life, but organize your time with discipline, and one day you will be guitarists!

When I was 14 I gave up television up to 18 years just because the study at the conservatory took hours and concentration. Five years without television.

 Now I always play in front of the television, but now I am an experienced great guitarist, and let me joke, I could play with my eyes closed. : )

You do not have an hour or half an hour a day to play classical guitar? You'll never be a great guitarist because the classical guitar requires training. Segovia scales, arpeggios and
the Daniele Magli compositions :

All free pdf scores and tabs about my music at this link :

As a beginner can get started?

With the methods by Carulli and Sagreras,

Twilight - Guitar Tabs

With the Mauro Giuliani 120 arpeggios,

With my compositions Twilight or Angels or Soul Wind.

The setting of your hands is important, much more important than being a pirate like me!
Please visit my website for right hand and left hand techniques...

So remember: your heart is Important but nobody will not feels that you play your guitar with your heart if you have not trained your hands well.

Ciao visit my free guitar website :

and good work !

                                            Daniele Magli plays Adelita by Francisco Tarrega

                                          Daniele Magli plays Twilight

                                          Daniele Magli plays Angels

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