lunedì 30 aprile 2018

Thanks for playing Daniele Magli music

Thanks for playing Daniele Magli music !

thanks for playing my music ...

I find on YouTube videos from all the world

about very good bravo guitarists playing my music for classical guitar .

Sometimes they make beautiful interpretations

sometimes they make films, and there is always a lot to learn, but above all it is a great satisfaction for me: 

Please continue to play my music on youtube

in this page of my guitar site you can find my compositions
sheet music PDF scores
and free guitar TABS about my music from this Blog :

here my video guitar tutorial How to play Daniele Magli music :

here some of the best videos I've found in these years 

                                                    Child of the Sun


                                Child of the Sun


Maybe ( composed by Daniele Magli )

Soul Wind

Cloud Heart Shape



September Sun ( tremolo ) by Daniele Magli


Anonymous ( composed by Daniele Magli )




Paola Talamini plays Daniele Magli 
music with 1783 Organo in Venice


there are many videos about my compositions on YouTube

please search your favorites , thank you 

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