lunedì 11 marzo 2019

Daniele Magli Piano Music


here is some of my Piano Compositions

with link for the free PDF scores.

I hope you'll play it and post your video on YouTube.

and now the videos from YouTube… please subscribe my page, thanks !

                                                    CONTACT  by Daniele Magli

                                          Contact by Daniele Magli free PDF scores


                                    Ghost - piano music by Daniele Magli                 


                                                      Ghost - FREE PDF SCORES 

                                      Soul Wind - piano music by Daniele Magli

TEARS IN THE RAIN ( by Daniele Magli - Piano Version )

Imaginary Portrait ( by Daniele Magli )

DANIELE MAGLI 8 Shorts piano pieces 

I really love my music played at organ  as Paola Talamini did in Venice 

here some example :


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