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Daniele Magli Guitar Method ( Free PDF )

                                Magli Guitar Method

Hello ,

I'm so happy for your many visit and
downloads of my compositions ! Thanks a lot !

Here is some studies or SONGS from my

Daniele Magli Guitar Method

All free PDF scores 

Guitar Method VOL. 1 & VOL. 2  & ...VOL. 3

the videos  and the link for free PDF and guitar tabs .

Please as always follow the music in my YouTube video

for the right tempo of the pieces and more.


Love the Way  
Wave Images 
Song Of Wood 
Quiet River  ( guitar tremolo )


Titanic Song 
Special Night
Mont Blanc Symphony  ( guitar tremolo )
Technicolor Archive
Antarctica ( here for one guitar )


The Ballad of Zero
New World Calling
Suspended in the Air
Medieval Picnic

follow this page, I will from time to time add a video and a link from Google Drive for the musical score PDF in a few months you will have my guitar method completely free in PDF !

Love the Way

Love the Way is the Study No. 24 of my guitar method


Love the way is an easy arpeggios with many rolled chords 

for Rolled Chord technique this is the

Right Hand Technique link at my website :

Daniele Magli Right Hand Technique

you can play the intro with the " Stoppato"
or pizzicato - palm mute technique 

Wave Images

Wave Images is the Study No. 19 of my guitar method.

Wave Images ( Guitar Tabs and PDF score )

wave images

It could be a Cow Boy song or a Sci-Fi song ...

it depends on the speed in which you play it and your interpretative style. Wave Images , it is just like athe title a wave of freedom
for your fantasy  so you can play this arpeggio

with the intention you want and it could be also very easy n A minor ! Song of Wood Song of wood is the Study No. 33 of my guitar method.

Song of Wood ( Guitar by Magli PDF with Tabs )

I love Song of Wood is a good piece I composed one night

when I was in San Francisco .

It has a special atmosphere and you will find the harmonics and the chords evoking that wonderful peace. Quiet River

Quiet River is the Study No. 70 of my guitar method.

Quiet River is a TREMOLO 
with right hand p,a,m,i,

the famous PAMI ! The very famous Tremolo !

The chords are so easy you can not believe it ...

C , A minor , D minor , G 7 

so… let' work on tremolo 
and this page can help you :


Fiesta is the Study No. 88 of my guitar method.

number 88
because there are so many techniques 
chords with a nice tempo,
Segovia scales 

and first of all it is an improvisation , it is a party, 
I never play it the same two times !!!

                                               look at this video it is very important 

                                            Here five studies from Magli Guitar Method

                                            played live here  ( VIDEO VOL. I  )

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Daniele Magli Guitar Method VOL. II

                  Technicolor Archive ( study No. 38 from Daniele Magli Guitar Method )

                                at this link the free PDF sheet music score from Google Drive :
                                    Technicolor Archive composed by Daniele Magli PDF free

                            and here at this link of this Blog all my guitar music PDF sheet music :

                                    Daniele Magli guitar music all free PDF scores 

                                         and all the link for the guitar TABS here :

                                       Daniele magli music all the guitar TABS

                                                     Special Night by Daniele Magli

      …. I composed special night on Christmas night

                                           Special Night - Daniele Magli -free PDF score


                                                         TITANIC SONG

                 Titanic Song is a little nice arpeggio
                   PDF at this Google drive link …

I composed it inspired by the love story of that great Titanic ship and its mysteries

                please have a little patience for the guitar tabs . as soon as possible

                  Titanic Song - guitar arpeggio by Daniele Magli - PDF

                                   Mont Blanc Symphony

                What's better than the sound of the mountains with the snow to inspire a guitar tremolo? So here is the symphony of Mont Blanc for you in PDF MONT BLANC SYMPHONY - PDF - TREMOLO - MAGLI if you can play tremolo with good technique, Mont Blanc Symphony is an easy piece with formula pami for the right hand and chords F . D minor , A minor … Antarctica I composed Antarctica as a guitar duo , here the PDF sheet music score Antarctica , free PDF by Daniele Magli All free PDF from Google Drive about my guitar compositions at this link : Daniele Magli all compositions free PDF scores

                           …. see you as soon as possible with more pieces from my guitar book !

                          MORE EASY MAGLI GUITAR COMPOSITIONS 


                              Interstellar Free Tabs and PDF


                              Outland Free TABS and PDF

A new composition  

here is the link of the free PDF :

Planet Home free PDF score ( from Google Drive )

                                                           Magli Guitar Method video volume 3

PDF SCORES Songs VOLUME 3  by Daniele Magli

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Here some nice compositions of mine :


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