giovedì 31 dicembre 2020

Travel to Italy ( Guitar Suite ) Free PDF and TABS


Hello ,

here is my compositions suite entitled Travel to Italy

with link for PDF scores in standard notations 

( for the link for TABS please wait some days

I'll post it as soon as possible. )

I composed Travel to Italy pieces dedicated to 

some beautiful city of Italy or to its story or 

some book talk about  Italy... so

 you know, I'm really free when I compose for guitar !

So , here for the free PDF about my new compositions from Travel to Italy 

The first piece is Beautiful Rome .

You know how beautiful is the city of Rome

and how fascinating is its history...

Beautiful Rome by Daniele Magli

The Second city and piece is Florence

and I was inspired by the

Renaissance period about 1492

and by Leonardo da Vinci 

and other florentine painters.

Florence by Daniele Magli

The third piece is Venice

and you know the history of

Venice in italy and its importance

in the world of art and culture since 600 AD.

Venice by Daniele Magli

The fourth piece is the Little Lombard lookout

from the book 'Cuore'

Heart ( novel ) written by Edmondo de Amicis a

famous Italian writer of the 19th century

and surely you must have read

this world famous children's book.

Little Lombard Lookout by Daniele Magli

The fifth piece is Under the clock tower,

because every city in Italy has its own ancient clock tower

which was very important when

people didn't have the money to buy a clock !

Under the Clock Tower by Daniele Magli

The sixth piece is dedicated to Naples

but I'm still composing it so please be patient and wait a bit!

These are the videos I made of these pieces and more will come.

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Thank you so much

Four pieces from Travel to Italy ( video )

Florence ( audio recorded with Zoom )

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