venerdì 27 gennaio 2012

Angelo Gilardino

My favorite contemporary composer  is Angelo Gilardino.
His music is fantastic and enthralling,
with ingenious harmonic and melodic ideas :

His studies make your guitar technique perfectly.
Angelo Gilardino is a genius.

Angelo Gilardino - Study No. 1 - played by Daniele Magli

this great piece is aslo known as  Trascendentia or Capriccio sulla Lontananza by Gilardino.

Angelo Gilardino creates guitar worlds that were not there before opening new horizons for guitarists
as in this piece, entitled  'A quite song ' not very quiet but with tremendous passion

Angelo Gilardino - A Quite Song - played by Daniele Magli

If you have not yet studied the compositions of Angelo Gilardino is good to start now!

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