giovedì 5 gennaio 2012

Spanish Romance : Forbidden Game story

M° Angelo Gilardino has written in his latest guitar  book, the story of this famous piece.
He explained why it has so many titles and... he writes that is not composed by anonymous :

'Forbidden Games or Spanish Romance is perhaps the most famous piece of classical guitar and its origin dates back to 1900 when it was composed ​​by the guitarist Antonio Rubira.

Antonio Rubira ( born in Spain )  published it for the first time in Argentina in 1919 with the title "Estudio".

Subsequently it was arranged by two Francisco Tarrega students : Daniel Fortea and Miguel Llobet.
They published their versions titled "Romance Anonymous" (1931).

In 1940 the guitarist Vicente Gomez arranged it for the movie "Blood and Arena"
naming it "Romance de Amor".

Finally in 1952  Narciso Yepes arranged this famous piece for a movie called "Forbidden Games" from which the piece has taken the title that we know today.'

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