domenica 7 ottobre 2012

Passion ( for classical guitar )

Passion :

my new composition in dedicated to the Passion for classical guitar.
It is a piece a little difficult because it has many classical guitar techniques: free stroke for arpeggios, rest stroke for scales, p, i  for staccato, rolled chords, legato, portamento, octaves and others techniques.
I composed ​​Passion as an improvisation and is dedicated to my, and your, passion for the classical guitar .

first to listen to my new work I will recite you this short little poetry I written to you :

                                        The Guitarist

A real guitarist plays for passion,with purity of heart.
A guitarist, is an artist.
A real guitarist does not envy anybody. A guitarist does not hate anyone.
A guitarist following his religion and prays with his guitar.
When someone with a heart covered in mud, trying to defame the guitarist with hatred,
the guitarist gives him a compassionate hand to help this little man lost.
Because a real guitarist is a great man.

Daniele Magli

and now... Passion !

The free pdf scores is, as always, at this link :

Daniele Magli Music

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