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Who's Afraid of Capricho Arabe ?

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Who's Afraid of Capricho Arabe ?

 Each master of classical guitar playing Capricho Arabe fairly easily.
 It is easy to turn on the video camera to record and upload your video to YouTube.
But if you're not a guitar teacher this is a piece very difficult and full of pitfalls.
You must know how to use the touch perfectly,

free stroke and also the rest stroke to bring out the melody while you play the arpeggio.

Need a very clean sound and legato di frase.

Need a lot of classical guitar technique :arpeggio, glissato,

legato, portamento, rubato.

and what means all those italians words.
and how you can play it very good.
Because everything has to look easy, soft, natural.

We must consider the era in which the composer and guitarist Francisco Tarrega lived.
We must listen to the history of interpretation of this piece.

When I took the diploma of Conservatory of Music in Verona in 1992,
at that time I still could not play this piece perfectly but then I realized
that the musical scales, numerous wonderful Tarrega scales and cromatic scales of Capricho Arabe were virtuosity.

So then I studied these scales to sculpt the sound and go very fast with the rest stroke.

I have a great good fortune that all guitarists should learn:

I'm not envious when some great guitarist plays better than me.
So I recognize the merits of those guitarists
and so I can improve because I try to do the same.
This is also when I was 17 years old.
Envy is very dangerous in life, because it prevents you from improving.

Do not waste time and energy criticizing Segovia and John Williams and other great guitarists on You Tube. Try to understand how do they play so good.

Ask your guitar teacher advice, and let him play many examples of the pieces.
Be good people, and you become good guitarists.
and if your teacher does not know how to play Capricho Arabe... maybe that day he is very tired!

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