venerdì 8 febbraio 2013

I am a famous classical guitarist ?

First of all  I thank the guitar teacher Mr. Francois Delcamp
for introducing me to the site so
now I have a  guitar page there :

And now the topic of the day :

for me it is amazing to think that until 2005 I was an unknown guitarist, and now so many people watching my videos or they play my compositions,
and they learn from me to play the classical guitar on my free  guitar website :

Unfortunately, I also had some minor problems on the Internet in a  italian guitar forum
where 7 small envious troll ( i call them "the seven dwarfs" ) have tried to ruin my reputation with every kind of lies and slander.
Then I discovered that some of them work as classical guitar teachers because they are "recommended" ( how do you say in English," Raccomandati", "pull strings for", "enchufar", "pistonner"... so they steal jobs to those who deserve to teach classical guitar...
 they steal the Italian Job !!!!)

Among them was a guy who after having criticized  my interpretation of "Grande Ouverture by Giuliani" he traded a harp for Andres Segovia. And he's the best of the group.

So I say : do not believe everything you read about me on the internet or guitar forums, because it could be as simple envy.

But, apart from this unfortunate episode in the Italian guitar forum, my experience on the internet and in particular on YouTube is exciting and satisfying.

I have not yet learned English well but thanks to the classical guitar I can communicate with the young guitarists from all around the world.

This is great!

my Youtube page has had  1,888,136  views and I have  970 subscribers !
What are you waiting for ?

in short, whether you are my fans or my troll, or envious or my friends , or that you are "the seven dwarfs from the italian guitar forum" or my supporters ... thank you, thank you all for the attention you give to me, this is more then success!

or maybe... I am now a famous classical guitarist ?

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