sabato 9 febbraio 2013

how to compose for classical guitar

Many people ask me "how I compose a piece of music for classical guitar?"

I do not have the answer for inspiration, do not know what is genius, and where they come from musical ideas.
since I was 14 years old I had in mind as it should be my composition for classical guitar.
So I felt the bass continuum and the open strings but I could not do any thing good.
composing music, is to be a musician, and you need to know music theory
and harmony, you have to know the history of music and the repertoire of the classical guitar from Mauro Guliani to Angel Gilardino so one day you will be... Daniele Magli!
You'll be yourself with your musical ideas.
The first pieces of music that I have composed I did make Pdf scores from my friend and teacher of classical guitar Graziano Zuin and then by my friend Davide Cosmo ( he is also the webmaster of my guitar website )
I gave them the manuscript of my compositions and then they made ​​the Pdf score.
But then I figured out how to use the program and I do myself  Pdf musical scores of my compositions.

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