sabato 6 maggio 2017

Andres Segovia Style

                                                        The Segovia Style

I love Andres Segovia's guitar style since I was a kid.

I grew up in a place and an art-friendly city

So I was able to listen to the concerts of Narciso Yepes,

John William and also Andres Segovia.

I have talked about Segovia's style and

Segovia Scales in this Blog  :

and also in my free guitar website  :

at my website you can find many tips about

the Andres Segovia guitar techniques as Rubato, Glissato, Legato, Arpeggios ,

and the very important Segovia Scales and more.

Thank you very much for your visit !

A great video to understand the Segovia guitar style , live in concert 1961 :

Here some photos about Andres Segovia concert in Venice year 1985
photo from the program concert :

Andres Segovia in concert 1960 :

Segovia plays Bach :

Andres Segovia , last concert ( 94 years old )


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