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Andrés Segovia Pictures and Photos

                Andrés Segovia Pictures and Photos

As you surely know

I'm a great fan about Segovia Style

and I posted many rare documentary and live concerts

about Andres Segovia at my You Tube page ( please subscribe )

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Also in this Blog there are some post

dedicated to the fantastic Segovia guitar style  :

Andres Segovia guitar style

Here I have some great Segovia photo and pictures

I find at this Facebook guitar link :

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                                                   Andres Segovia 10 years old

Segovia and Villa Lobos

Segovia ( Russia 1936 )

Narciso Yepes , Tansman , Segovia , Franzpeter Goebels (1961)

Segovia and Carl Sandburg

Segovia in Venice 1985
last concert in Italy

Japan days

Russian Days 1936

Russian days

Please send me your Andres Segovia photos, thank you !

YouTube Film : In The House of Segovia 


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