mercoledì 2 gennaio 2019

Classical Guitar Lessons On Line ( INFO )

Hello everyone, I'm Daniele Magli and from today you can contact me by email to have an online Skype appointment for a classical guitar lesson online. Send an email to my address : specify your level and what piece of music you are studying or would you like to play. GUITAR LESSONS ON-LINE via SKYPE with Daniele Magli

it sounds great, let's try ! 

these are the prices for my guitar lessons ( payment via PayPal ) - One 30 minutes guitar lesson for 20 $

- One 45 minutes lesson for 30 $

- One 60 minutes lesson for 40 $

( Europe it's 20 euro, 30 euro, 40 euro )

for any other information write to me without obligation

we just have to set the day and time for example : Monday 7 at seven o clock for 30 minutes lesson . I live in Italy so we have to find a good hour for you and for me ! So, I wait your mail , ciao

Some of my best interpretations on you tube
                                                   Daniele magli plays Spanish Romance

                                               Daniele magli plays Capricho Arabe

                                                Daniele magli plays Villa Lobos Prelude 1

Daniele Magli in New York  

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