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Carlo Raspagni - Italian Luthier

Carlo Raspagni (Vignate Milano Italia 14 ottobre 1925 – Vignate, 30 agosto 1999)

                                                                     Carlo Raspagni

Carlo Raspagni  was a great Italian luther.I always use a Raspagni guitar in my videos (and sometimes a Ramirez guitar). My Raspagni was built in 1982 and has a beautiful sound.

Here I uploaded photos of Carlo Raspagni and his guitars
with the measures and the wood of construction

Papa Giovanni Paolo II with his Raspagni Guitar

Carlo Raspagni ( 1962 )

Daniele Magli with his Raspagni Guitar
Raspagni Guitars

Carlo Raspagni

Carlo Raspagni guitar ( as 1800 guitars ) su modello ottocentesco

Carlo Raspagni with Masaru Kohno in Vignate

Daniele Magli plays with his Raspagni guitar

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