lunedì 1 ottobre 2012

João Pernambuco : Sons de Carrilhoes

How I like  João Pernambuco music ?
I like so much !

His music is so simple and ingenious at the same time.
I am fascinated by his hard life:
he was a janitor at the Conservatory of Music where Villa Lobos was the manager!

Look at this great website by Angelo Zaniol

The music of Pernambuco makes me very happy
it is not so easy to play
but then the satisfaction is great.

For "Sons de Carrilhoes" his most famous piece, I used Miguel Abloniz transcription
( Miguel Abloniz was students of Emilio Pujol ) .

But I made , as usual, some little change at this version.

The study time for a guitarist gets shorter every year,
so I'm happy to play pieces of this level because I can study them in ten days
and my inspiration and desire to play them is great.

I hope you like my rendition, and, if you want to play Sons de Carrilhoes, I suggest you memorize it to enhance your musical memory.

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