domenica 30 settembre 2012

Breathing while playing

Many classical guitarists are concerned about breathing while playing.
 I assure you that no one cares about the breath if you play well
and remind you that Glenn Gould sang while playing, but he was great !

I had a big problem breathing when I was young and studied at the Conservatory of Music
so  want you to know how I solved my problem?

It is very funny. I went to play in Venice around 1994 and i play in Gondola.
A gondolier, noting that I was breathing very loud while playing
he said : " Daniel plese do not breathe hard while you play classical guitar, because you disturb the customers! "

And so I stopped my  noisily breathe miraculously: due to the fact that I could not!

I think that sometimes it's just a habit that we carry with us, and linked to the memory of our early when playing classical guitar was very very difficult.

But now it's easy and we can stop or limit this psychological problem simply stopping and breathing with the belly, as taught by Yoga.

More information at this link :

But is impotant to improve your classical guitar technique:

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