mercoledì 27 marzo 2013

Guitar Tremolo or Travel to Mars ?

For many guitarists learn the classical guitar tremolo seems to be difficult as a space travel to Mars.
But the tremolo technique is much easier than a cosmic journey !

first of all, and this advice is valid for everything you are considering:

live as if you were to die tomorrow
but studying classical guitar as if you were immortal

this is my great phrase, a great aphorism, I know, and
I have always done so.

the tremolo is easy if you study the 120 Arpeggios by Mauro Giuliani
and then these my compositions for the right hand technique:

1) Twilight

2) Soul Wind

3) Angels

4) Armstrong Moon

5) Serenity

these pieces will make your perfect technique and your right hand a precision machine!

Tremolo guitar technique takes a year of trials constant, 15 minutes a day at least. not cheat yourself, take up your clock, 15 minutes of "Sea of tranquility" , every day.

then you can play the most beautiful piece of easy tremolo ever made

Sea of Tranquility ... composed by me.

but... there is a but !

after your tremolo will be carved and accurately it must will become musical and expressive.

espressivo very very artistic... dolce , rubato with legato di suono.

 that's the difference between me and some "players" barking... not, sorry, playing like dogs in the  Italian Guitar Forum
( and they are teachers in the Italian state school , incredible and shameful, but this is a problem that we have in Italy, there is no meritocracy )

sorry if I changed the subject... we are talking about Tremolo now.

you can have a tremolo expressive only when you know to be on rhythm and volume
piano, pianissimo, forte, mezzoforte as you wish you have to control with perfect nails
built on the shape of your fingertip and hanging.

always accompanied the ring finger of your right hand with your pinky

and then you got it, you play perfect Sea Of Tranquility
because the man went to the moon, and so you can learn the tremolo... with tranquility !

Sea of Tranquility and all my compositions free pdf scores are at this link of my website :

And this is my interpretation of Sea of Tranquility

PS : thank you for your many visits at my YouTube official page !

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