giovedì 7 marzo 2013

what I'm playing this time

Hello !

Thank you for your many visits from Delcamp  classical guitar forum in English.

During this time I am composing a lot and I'm playing :

Bach, Chaconne
Sor, Mozart Variations
Barrios, la Catedral

the thing that interests me most in this period is fantasy  movies and books

because I'm composing 12 fantasy classical guitar piece   

                                                     Daniele Magli : Enchanted Forest



 In this period I'm Playing :

Albeniz, Malats , Bach , Mudarra, Tansman

I composed so many pieces for classical guitar in this years 
and 42 are at my YouTube page ( please subcribe it ! )

Just because I did some concerts with my compositions
now I play them every days … ( the ten best )  

                                                           Daniele Magli " Somewhere


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