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Your Level - Knowledge of a Piece - Guitar Athletics Form

Dear guitarists, we must consider ourselves as athletes, there is no doubt!

In playing a piece you have to consider these three factors:

1) your level

2) your knowledge of a piece

3) your current general athletic form or shape (as you've trained your fingers in the last week)

if you are about at the third level and you are studying Sor you should know the piece at least 90 percent:

And you will get it by choosing the right fingerings and using always the same.whether you read it, whether you know it by heart, your memory of touch
should be nearly perfect.
Unless you improvise, including your right hand fingering, and less you make a mistake.Also decide where to move your right hand near to the fretboard to get a sweet sound, and where to move your right hand to the bridge to sound harsh.
even better would be to decide where to play not only strong, but also where mezzoforte or plan and when the clear touch and where to use the rest stroke or the free stroke : you better decide everything.

Your score should become a real map searching the pleasure of a  good playing

But..Obviously if you want to play Asurias or Recuerdos del la Alhambra on the third level you will do nothing but evil!

You better enjoy the journey, learning the guitar with patience and discipline trying to improve every day.

First you need a good set up, would prefer to play at the same hour every day and every day the same time.Suppose you have your guitar hour a day from 5 am to 6 pm
hour must now become sacred 
tell it to your friends, your parents, your brothers, your wife, your dog :
your guitar hour is now sacred, do not disturb, please.

But how increase the guitar athletic form or guitar general form?

Playing every day an hour a day for 120 consecutive days to arrive 50 or 60 percent.A good level of fitness to perform with satisfaction.

But as it gets to 70, 80 or 90 percent? I'll talk about in another post and meanwhile I mark these pages on my guitar site :

 and this piece very useful for beginners to play, with free pdf score at my web site :

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