domenica 23 settembre 2012

Yoga and Classical Guitar


Maybe it will not look, but this post is very relevant
with the technique and interpretation of the repertoire of the classical guitar.

When I was 17 years old I was a student of the fourth or fifth year of the Conservatory
and I had to play five or six hours every day so I found myself with a nice back pain .

I then began to do yoga that solved my back problems giving me very well
but above all it calmed me down a little ( I was strung, I was angry for nothing
and I went on a rampage if someone made ​​me a critique ).

But the biggest benefit that gave me the practice of Yoga is serenity
and strength during my classical guitar interpretations. This allowed me to make great technical progress
eliminating those shackles that prevented me from moving forward.
When I was a young guitarist I sweating in an effort to play a simple piece, but with yoga was all easier !

More about yoga and classical guitar from Delcamp Guitar Forum :

In this short movie you can also see me doing yoga :

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