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The Five Pieces : Classical Guitar Technique

Many guitarists do not admit it but we all judge a classical guitarist as he plays these five pieces:

1) Villa- Lobos : Prelude No. 1

2)  Tarrega : Capricho Arabe

3 ) Tarrega : Recuerdos de la Alhambra ( Tremolo Technique )

4) Albeniz : Asturias

5) anonymous composer : Spanish Romance ( also known as  Jeux Interdits )

Obviously Asturias was originally composed for piano
but rarely entered in the repertoire of pianists.
Instead the transcription for classical guitar ( ​​by a student of Francisco Tárrega ) had an incredible successful and entered in the repertoire of all the great classical guitarists.

Spanish Romance, probably composed in 1919 by Antonio Rubira, it is one of the most famous
classical guitar piece. And it is not so easy as it seems.

Recuerdos de la Alhambra could be replaced with "Una limosna por el amor de dios", wonderful composition by Barrios Mangorè also known as La ultima cancion or El Ultimo Tremolo.
Every classical guitarist should know how to play with the tremolo technique.

I said five pieces, and these five pieces are also almost all of the classical guitar technique
but every one wish to know how a classical guitarist plays Bach.
So the pieces are Five + One.
Every pieces by J.S. Bach is wonderful and perfect so you can choose any piece of Bach
transcribed for Lute or Cello or Violin.
Possibly choose transcriptions of the great masters. I would recommend Andres Segovia or Ruggero Chiesa.

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