mercoledì 9 ottobre 2019



this is the first time i post a video with some improvisations

and I wish to explain how I composed this pieces

inventing everything while I was playing in the night my "Carlo Raspagni" guitar The Solar System Belongs To Us - PDF and TABS

first of all I have, without false modesty, a great experience of harmony ( succession of music chords ) arpeggio formulas and guitar and classical guitar techniques. I have trained my imagination and my creativity over the years, so when I play at least an hour a day I dedicate it to my "Inventions on the guitar". You too can do this training.
Obviously, my improvisations are not at the same level as my compositions for guitar, piano or organ. more PDF about my improvisation music at : Seven Nocturnal Improvisation PDF and Tabs The fact is simple: I think I stretch for at least three days before adding musical lines to my compositions and I do a lot of tests. When I suddenly follow the thread of my ideas guided only by the title of the piece that is my source of inspiration. You can study music theory, then study musical harmony and composition but above all you have to exercise your imagination and your creativity. Believe in yourself and in your music! Daniele Magli compositions : all the guitar tabs here

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