lunedì 12 dicembre 2011

Classical Guitar Right Hand ( first part )

The right hand is, for the classical guitarist, as the paintbrush for the painter.
More : the right hand is also the color palette. The right hand is for a classical guitarist
the mirror of the soul .
Very often,  if you don't like the right hand of a guitarist you don't like everything he plays.

 I post a lot of advice and tips about the right hand on my website:

after a period of practice you will realize that the classical guitarist' right hand  is in constantly moving,
to search for expressive colors that are improvised each time, depending on the artist's feeling.
for example, watch this video :

Before this interpretation, I never played this piece in this way.
This is the famous Study in b minor composed by Fernando Sor.
I improvised here a rest stroke, threatening to kill the arpeggio, stopping the strings.
Instead, here's the miracle : the melody sings, and this is a very successful Interpretation.
( I'm not very modest but I love very much my guitar style )

So take my advice: do not ever stop to experiment and try new ideas for the right hand,
research is the life of the guitarist.

to be continued....