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Fernando Sor rules!

Fernando Sor Rules ! ( Classical Guitar )

Hello !

Here's some considerations about classical guitar and Fernando Sor :

learning 'Studies' and '120 Arpeggios' by Mauro Giuliani is very useful for the right hand technique
but, playing Fernando Sor studies or compositions, is useful to play everything good.

If you study a piece composed by Carcassi you enter the Carcassi world of composition and
when you play another piece by Carcassi it will be easier.
This is the rule for all composers : they teach to play their own style.

But Sor is different. Sor improves the way you play every age and every style.
Sor was a genius and his friend Aguado had understood this well.

If you want to play well on Ponce, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Gilardino, Carulli, Tarrega,
Villa-Lobos or other composers first you have to play Sor. 

Start with studies Op.44 and Op.60 by Sor ... they are not so easy as they seems !

Here some videos of mine : I play Sor with as much love as I can !

                Fernando Sor - Andante Largo played by Daniele Magli

Fernando Sor  Study in B minor     
played by Daniele Magli

Fernando Sor Study in D played by Daniele Magli

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