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Daniele Magli musical works

In this Guitar Blog you can now find all the link for the free PDF

about my music on Google at this link :

Twilight by Daniele Magli

Difficulty level about my compositions for classical guitar :

- Twilight *
- Angels *
- Soul Wind*
- Lost in Space **
- Sunshine **
- Blue Galaxy **
- Summer Love ***
- Ghost ***
- Pyramid Mystery ***
- The Time Machine ***
- Apollo 11 ***
- Armstrong Moon ***
- Tears in the rain ***
- Sea of tranquility ****
- Serenity****
- Parallel Universe *****

( the more the stars are, the more the piece is difficoult)

Lunar Studies  : Armstromg Moon, Apollo 11, Sea of Tranquility.

Easy Magical Pieces : Twilight, Ghost, Angels, Pyramid Mystery, Summer Love, Soul Wind.

Sci-Fi on Classical Guitar : Parallel Universe, Serenity, Lost in Space, Sunshine,
                                      Blue Galaxy, Tears in the Rain, The Time machine.

All free PDF scores  and free guitar TABS of my music at this link :



Maybe by Daniele Magli 

Angels by Daniele Magli

also I compose music for Orchestra and as songwriter ...
you can find all my musical works 
at my official YouTube page :

Twiligh by Daniele Magli  ( here for Orchestra )

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