domenica 4 dicembre 2011

Daniele Magli , life and guitar style

My name is Daniele Magli ( 'Mag-lee' and magli means hammers in English : ) )

as a child I wanted to become an artist, I do not know why.
At the age of ten years  unfortunately I become partially blind
and this has increased my motivation and my desire to play classical guitar.

I attended the Conservatory of Music in Italy
first in Venice, and then to Verona, where I graduated.

I have developed a great musical memory and I've always been led to the discipline of classical guitar, it becomes art only after a rigorous study of the technique.
My grandfather was a commander in the Navy and my parents have always said  to me that I look like him in character: but my 'battle' is just the music .
I  think music helps everyone to be happier and live in peace.

I love the Andres Segovia style to play classical guitar,
but I Know my style is different, every individual is different and plays guitar in his own way.

The purpose of my website is to help all those guitarists in the world who are not lucky enough to have a guitar teacher :

as an interpreter my best video to me is:

but I am very fond of my first composition for classical guitar:

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