domenica 26 febbraio 2012

My Logbook :every day life of a classical guitarist

From now on I will keep a logbook public (I've always done in private)
to describe techniques, questions and thoughts on the daily journey
of the classical guitarist Daniele Magli.

After the incredible stress in the past autumn due to a series of misfortunes, commitments and personal problems I am now finally in a good period :

1) My back pain seems to finally give me a bit of rest and so I can play more.
Every night I walk an hour or hour and a half (all day) and in this way, with this difficulty a bit boring, I gain the opportunity to study classical guitar: another sacrifice for the classical guitar passion but no problem, I will not be whining and go on like this with my "walking" exercise.

2) I have many plans for new videos and thanks to my extraordinary memory for music and thanks to my constant study I have prepared several new pieces including
The Catedral  by Barrios Mangoré and Sor's Grand Solo (the version of Andres Segovia).

when I will make videos I do not know, I first need to climb to my general form
in order to go faster (now my form is at 50 percent while when I recorded the Great Ouverture by Mauro Giuliani I was at 70 percent and when I recorded Capriccio Diabolico by Mauro Castelnuovo Tedesco
I was even 80 per cent).

A 60 percent should last me for my interpretation of the Catedral which will be closer to the interpretation of John Williams than to that of other great guitarists, especially as regards the time he detached in the Allegro Solemne. For the Prelude and Andante religioso I'm philosophically creating more personal interpretations.

3) I have finally learned not to respond to the provocations of the Internet Troll.
This gave me great serenity.
Is there anyone that still haunts me in the Italian Forum but I hope that they will get tired
of saying

 'you're not a classical guitarist 'bought a metronome'   'you're not a composer'
  'You're fake, you're an actor'

If you want to be a Troll please copy and paste  : )

4) As for my new compositions for classical guitar I got a good point:
the title of my new series of pieces will be: 'Amazing Exercises'.
I've already sent to S.I.A.E. for copyright for which I will soon start making videos and giving
scores to all of you in pdf format. All scores in pdf format of my music can be found at this address of my site:

Finally a great big thank you to all of you who follow me around the world every day,
but especially from Germany, Russia, England, Canada and the United States.
Thanks to all 

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